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Your Consultant is  Molly D’Angelo

My Story

Hi there! My name is Molly D'Angelo. I am a wife, mother of a teenager, custodial stepmother, and special needs mom. Boy mom all the way! Even our dog is a boy. I'm completely out numbered, but love every minute. Our youngest has a very rare genetic disorder causing abnormal growth and autism. He is my reason for becoming a consultant. Being able to be a stay at home mom has meant the world to us! We have family dreams of living in a house in the woods and traveling. I am so grateful you choose me as your Scentsy go to girl!! I am so blessed to be able to represent a product and company I love while contributing to my family. Some events, achievements and awards I've received:

Scentsy Go October 2017 Promotion
Certified Consultant within 30 days
Scentsational Start Level 1
World Tour Detroit 2018
Lead Consultant 2018
World Tour Columbus 2019
Star Consultant 2019
Scentsy Family Reunion Austin 2019
Level 3 Sling Shot Incentive Earner
SuperStar Consultant 2019

Many of you may already know and love Scentsy. If you see something you'd like to order, you can reach out to me, or order directly with the link below. And I'm always here to answer any questions or help with scents and product guidance!

If you are interested in hosting an online, in home, or basket party, you could receive amazing hostess rewards!

Join the journey with me! Message me about what Scentsy Life has to offer. I’d love to talk with you about how Scentsy can help you reach your goals too. Join my team and start your own journey